L'Oasis Gourmet
the new table of "musicians"

CHEF NICOLA RANIERI OFFERS YOU A menu with refined flavors of Mediterranean terroirs

In the spirit of our Hotel, we have created L'Oasis Gourmet, an authentic and neat, chic and affordable table

Revisited Caesar salad, Fisherman's Linguine, or classic Burger, our menu is inspired by French and Italian classics.

Don't miss our fruit meringue roll to conclude your tasting.


Product work

At Oasis Gourmet, our pasta takes you on a journey to Italy from the first bite.

With clams or langoustines, artichoke-duck or pumpkin-shrimp, Linguine or Tagliatelle, cooking a pasta dish is our specialty

To start

Zucchini flowers stuffed with shrimp, Gourmet-style Caesar salad, Sautéed mussels in white wine and croutons.

Our Antipasti will seduce you with the accuracy of their flavor, with the inventiveness of their production

If you are in a hurry

We cook a real Classic Burger

Our main dishes

Gorgonzola beef fillet and mushrooms, Sea bass fillet with almonds and vegetables, Swordfish rolls with asparagus... 

Come and discover the rest of the Menu on our Terrace or our Belle Epoque room

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French and Italians Our selection of wines

Prosecco Valdobbiadene and Côtes de Provence, Petit Chablis and Nero d'Avola, we have selected each wine to accompany your dishes

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Xhef's desserts Finally

Tiramisu, Fruit meringue roll, Chantilly puff pastry flake, Chef's Fantasia ...

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